Step 1: Create the shadow for the alphabet template.  Start by choosing the letter desired from AlphaShadow and shade in with desired color.  Remove template.           



Step 2: Place next Alphabet template over top of chalked shadow letter.  Here we have used the Fun In The Sun template (8001).

Erase the A from Fun in the Sun (8001)


Step 3: Chalk top letter in and remove template. 

Here we are adding white Galaxy Marker for highlights on the glasses.



Tip: To avoid getting chalk into surrounding areas, simply place some sticky notes over the surrounding areas on the template. 

If you do get chalk into surrounding areas...don't worry...simply erase it!


Step 1: Our new Tag Alphabets are a great addition to any page.

Start out with a ready-made tag or create your own with the tag shapes on the template.

Step 2: Chalk the tag in with the desired color.


Step 3: Place the letter over the tag and erase the inside of the letter out.  This will remove the chalk color so that another color can be chalked over the top without blending to create another color.

Step 4:  Chalk another color into the letter.

You will have a colored tag with different colored letter.